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Тип: 70.1061 Микропроцессорные регуляторы, Типовой ряд 70

The JUMO eTRON M100 is an electronic refrigeration controller for application in cold stores, freezer cabinets or cold displays, for connection to RTD probes Pt100, Pt1000, KTY1X-6 orKTY2X-6. The first measurement input is used to acquire the temperature of the cold store. The second measurement input acquires the evaporator temperature, and ends the defrosting process as soon as the limit for defrosting has been reached. The measurements and parameters are shown in a 3-character backlit display. Three relays are available for the cooling unit, the defrosting heating, and the fan. Alarms can optionally be generated via a relay or by means of the integrated buzzer. The switching states of the relays are indicated via yellow LEDs. Further options include a data logger with an adjustable recording interval for HACCP-compliant documentation1, an RS485 interface, and a real-time clock.

The electrical connection is made via screw terminals. Four keys serve for instrument operation and parameterization. A setup program and a PC interface are available as accessories, for easy parameterization from the PC, and for evaluating the data logger.

Типовой лист 70.1061 [EN]