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JUMO mTRON T — центральный процессорный модуль

Тип: 70.5001 Децентрализованная система управления mTRON, Типовой ряд 70

  • Process image for up to 30 input/output modules
  • Ethernet interface with integrated web server
  • 1 USB interface
  • 64 limit values can be monitored
  • PLC acc. to IEC 61131-3 (option)
  • 9 program generators (option)
  • 2 field bus interfaces (option)

  • Math and logic module (option, activation for all connected controller modules)
  • System bus connection on the front (Bus Out)
  • Plug and Play when replacing the input/output modules
  • Battery buffered RAM
  • Real time clock
  • Sturdy metal case
  • Supply of operating voltage
  • Quick cross wiring due to easy module connection

The central processing unit as one of the base units is the heart of the system. It contains the process image of the application and manages the configuration and parameter data of the complete system (except for the multifunction panel).

For individual control tasks nine program generators (option) are available and 64 limit values can be monitored.

LEDs are used to indicate applied voltage supply, the operating status of the PLC, system malfunctions, as well as the communication through interfaces.

A USB device interface (setup), a LAN connection (Ethernet), and two system bus connections are available as standard. Up to two interfaces can be optionally equipped for fieldbus applications.

The central processing unit, the input/output modules connected laterally, and modules integrated by a router can be comfortably configured and parameterized through a setup program.

A PLC acc. to IEC 61131-3 can be released as an option. A switch is available to toggle the system operating status (Run, Stop, and Reset).

Типовой лист 70.5001 [EN]