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JUMO mTRON T — модуль маршрутизатора

Тип: 70.5040 Децентрализованная система управления mTRON, Типовой ряд 70

  • RJ45 system bus connections at the front (1 × Bus In, 2 × Bus Out)
  • Dispersing of the line topology to the «free topology»
  • Addressable by BCD switches for special applications
  • Electrical isolation of the interfaces at the front
  • Supply of operating voltage
  • Quick cross wiring due to easy module connection

The router module is used to achieve decentralization within the automation system, which means that the input/output modules are dispersed to several DIN rails/switch cabinets. A distance of up to 100 m can lie between two router modules, between a router module and a base unit, or between a router module and a multifunction panel. A maximum of 30 router modules and a maximum of 30 input/output modules is possible in a system.
LEDs are used to indicate applied voltage supply and the operating status of the module.
The electrical connection of the voltage supply for the router module is carried out at the front through a removable terminal strip.
No configuration of the router module is required. The router module is simply integrated into the overall system by the setup program. For special applications like hot-connect or mandatory/optional failure scenarios the address of the router module can be set by BCD switches.
For service work, the module insert can be easily pulled out of the case at the front. The case including the bus PCB remains mounted on the DIN rail.

Типовой лист 70.5040 [EN]