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JUMO mTRON T — многофункциональный ЖК-экран 840

Тип: 70.5060 Децентрализованная система управления mTRON, Типовой ряд 70

  • TFT-touchscreen 21.3 cm (8.4“) with 640 x 480 pixel resolution and 256 colors
  • Predefined screen masks for controllers, program generators, and recording functions
  • Customized process screens
  • User administration
  • Configuration of the entire system possible
  • Recording function (option)
  • Ethernet interface with integrated web server
  • 3 USB interfaces

  • 2 RJ45 system bus connections (1 x Bus In, 1 x Bus Out)
  • 2 serial interfaces (option) as RS232 or RS422/485 for bar code scanner as well as Modbus RTU master/slave
  • Sturdy metal case with aluminium front, IP65 at the front

The multifunction panel 840 has a touchscreen with an aluminum front and allows easy and clearly-arranged measured data visualization, operation, configuration, and parameterization of the system.
The TFT color screen has a screen size of 21.3 cm (8.4“), a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels, 256 colors, and LED backlight. As the interface between man and machine, the panel allows an optimum and clearly-arranged view of the process status and the system parameters. In addition, it is perfectly suitable for the display and control of controller screens, process screens, the program editor, and the optional recording function. Setpoint values, batch text, parameters, and configuration data can be directly entered and changed by the user on the screen.
The process data that is transmitted by the system bus is shown in real time. Data archiving and evaluation is made possible by established PC-programs.
In addition to the standard interfaces (LAN, USB), two optional serial interfaces can be connected to a barcode scanner, modem, or other Modbus devices (master, slave).
The user can comfortably configure the multifunctional panel 840 with the setup program.

Типовой лист 70.5060 [EN]